Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What Happens At A Haul Out

For most of you this post is going to be really boring, but some of you probably wonder why we were out of the water for eight days.

Here's why.

The "dripless" packing was leaking so we replaced it with this traditional packing. After spending a day removing the old one and figuring out exactly which part we needed, the new one took a day to arrive.

We also replaced the cutless bearing.

We also disassembled and serviced the propeller. Here's what that looks like all torn apart.

Then we repainted the bottom with three gallons of $300 per gallon paint. Ouch!

When we were ready to go back into the water,
they hoisted us up with the travel lift,
allowing us to paint the spots where the stands were,
Drove us back to the water,
and lowered us in.

Then I went in to pay the $2000 yard bill, and off we went.

By 2pm we were passing Point No Point (?) and by 6:30 we were anchored in Back Creek at Solomons, Maryland.
It's good to be on our way again.

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