Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Drive Saver Replaced

In our last post we told you about being towed into the Connecticut River. We are happy to report that the Drive Saver has been replaced!

After telling the tech the age (we figure 27 years) of our Drive Saver he was amazed that it had lasted that long. He told us they should be changed every 10 years.

So we got the new one ordered early Monday morning, spent the day being tourists with the crew of BentaƱa, and made a run to Walmart. (Don't judge, cruisers can find nearly everything they need at Walmart.)

The part arrived around noon today, the Captain installed it, we had lunch, and got on our way to Fishers Island. We should arrive about 6pm.

Technical stuff: We have a Hurth transmission with a V-drive, and the Drive Saver is part #404 A. Below is the 27 year old part.

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