Thursday, June 22, 2017

Block Island

Only thirteen miles south of its parent state of Rhode Island, Block Island is a world away. This small fishing island was transformed into a summer playground when the use of steam ships made the passage quick and easy. In the late 1800s hotels and resorts sprouted up, and summer homes were built. And the rest is history.

The winter population is about 1000 hardy souls; the summer population sometimes swells to 20,000! Things like the Trysail Sailing Club's Race Week (happening now) contribute to that, but day trippers add up too.
Despite all this the island retains a slow pace and charming views abound. The old buildings are beautiful and fronted with blooming flowers. And the rolling land is covered with wild roses and honeysuckle, so it even smells pretty.

However, with the ferry boats disgorging hundreds of passengers every hour, it gets a little crazy in town. There are literally thousands of bicycles to rent and biking the seven mile long island is an easy and popular pastime. 

Fishing is still done here; both day charters and commercial lobstering. We spent some time inspecting these lobster traps. It's good to know exactly what you're dodging.
Block Island used to use diesel powered generators for its energy, but recently five wind generators were erected at a cost of $300 million. And now the wind farm is another tourist attraction! Not only good for the environment, but good for the island's income.

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