Thursday, June 8, 2017

Calvert Marine Museum

This morning after walking to the grocery store, stocking up, and Ubering back, we decided to visit the Calvert Marine Museum. They have a generous dinghy dock policy; if you visit the museum you may walk through it to West Marine and the nearby shops.

The museum has lots of local maritime history, nice exhibits about plants and animals of the Chesapeake, a great paleontology exhibit, and even live rays, skates, otters, whelks, sea stars, and all kinds of fish.
In 1978 the museum moved an 1883 light house here and furnished it as it might have looked when in use.
The octagonal structure has a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms. The second floor has a huge fog bell that would have been rung twice every 15 seconds in bad weather! That had to get real old real quick. At the very top is the lens.
This Fresnel lens was small by California lighthouse standards, but still beautiful with the sunlight hitting it.

Here's a post I wrote about Oregon lighthouses back in 2009:

The Calvert Marine Museum also has several boats of historical importance from this area. From dugout canoes, to log boats, to skiffs and to skipjacks, they're all here.

After the museum we went back to our boat and this peaceful view. Tomorrow we'll leave at daybreak and head even further north into Michener's fascinating Chesapeake.

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