Friday, June 30, 2017

Tourists in Boston

It's easy to be a tourist in Boston because there are free maps everywhere, and the Freedom Trail leads you to most of the tourist attractions. To make following the Freedom Trail even easier, it is marked with red bricks in the middle of the sidewalks.
In some places it's not real bricks, but still obviously, it's the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail led us to the USS Constitution this morning. It's been in dry dock for two years, but still open to tourists. Old Ironsides is the navy's oldest ship still in service. It will be re-launched July 23 and put back into its normal berth.

We also walked over to Bunker Hill in Charlestown, and up to the top - all 294 steps!
The view was good, but it was rather hazy so we couldn't see that far. Here is the view towards the harbor where we are moored.

After all that walking and all those stairs, our legs felt like rubbere and we wanted to Uber back, but my phone was dead, so we had to walk back. We finally found our marina, putted back to our boat, and fell onto the settees exhausted.
But tomorrow, we're heading out again!

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