Thursday, June 15, 2017

Three States, Hell Gate, and Seven Bridges

After consulting the cruising guide and calculating the current through the East River, we determined that the time to get going this morning would be 8:30. So we had breakfast in New Jersey and got underway at 8:20, promising Lady Liberty we'd see her again in a few months.
We entered the East River at 8:45 and gawked at all the tall buildings while maneuvering around the heavy ferry traffic.
The first bridge we went under was the famous old Brooklyn Bridge. We would eventually go under six more bridges before entering Long Island Sound.
By the time we got to the narrowest part of the river, we were doing 9 kts and the ferry traffic had abated. Now we only had to deal with the infamous Hell Gate; that swirly area where the Harlem River joins the East River. The swift current sometimes causes breaking waves in here, but it actually wasn't so bad!

The rest of the trip was very nice and relaxing. We had lunch in New York as we sailed past Greenwich.

Our afternoon was a straight run up to Milford where we anchored for the night, so we are having dinner in Connecticut.

Three states, Hell Gate, and seven bridges; it was quite day.

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