Friday, June 9, 2017

A Rare Day

As full time liveaboard cruisers, we obviously move a lot. Some days it's just a lot of motoring, some days it's cold, rough, and wet, some days it's drive-you-crazy rolly, but on some very rare days the stars all align and it's a beautiful sail.

Today is one of those rare days.

We left Solomons Island early this morning with the sunrise to port and the moonset to starboard. We had omelets for breakfast as we motored out of the channel, then hoisted the sails and turned off the engine.

We are now making 5.7 kts in calm seas heading right up the Chesapeake Bay. Thistle is performing perfectly, the shaft seal is not dripping, and the autopilot is steering. A rare day indeed, and sorely needed.

We'll mark this one on the calendar.

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