Friday, February 22, 2013

Get Me Away From This!

I am so tired of all the regulations here in California. Perhaps it's because we own a business, but we are constantly bombarded by more rules, regulations, taxes, fees, and paperwork. And constantly scrutinized and made to feel that we are doing something wrong! Just last week I went to the City of San Jose for a building permit. I won't go into ALL the details, but it had to be one of my most miserable experiences in my 57 years. Not only did they give me wrong information and a big run around, but they must have asked me three times if I was the contractor and did I have worker's compensation insurance. Hello, all you have to do is check our license with the CSLB and you will see that I have been doing this (with worker's comp) for over 20 years, and "Yes, Thank You Very Much, I Am The Contractor!"

Anyway, I am officially sick of all these acronyms and their associated organizations and their ridiculous forms, regulations, and fees:

Is it any wonder that businesses are running away from California as fast as they can? Is it any wonder that I want to fun away from California as fast as I can? The only acronym I'm liking right now is my 401k.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the Aldens

 We looked at this Alden 44 in Sausalito too. The Aldens have beautiful classic looks, but a modern underbody and great sailing and handling. This one even had a bow thruster.
 They are very nicely fitted out down below with thoughtful storage everywhere.
 The Alden 44 has the galley in the starboard passageway between the aft cabin and the main cabin and a traditional settee and table arrangement midship.

 This Alden 44 had a rather odd arrangement though. You enter the aft cabin from the cockpit and right at the foot of the companionway ladder is the nav station. To port and starboard were quarter berths under the cockpit. Going forward were two doors; the port door went through the head and the starboard door went through the galley to the saloon. So your guests would either have to walk through the bathroom or the kitchen to get to the dining area.
 Here's one of the quarter berths in the aft cabin.

 This Alden 46 is on our radar, but it is in Annapolis, Maryland.
Again the traditional midship settees and dining table. There is also a V berth up forward. We've never tried to sleep in a V berth - I wonder if it will be comfortable.

There is also a small aft cabin tucked under the starboard side of the cockpit, and a small head right across from the galley.
The galley on this boat is at the foot of the companionway ladder with the sink on the centerline of the boat. You can see the nav station tucked under the cockpit there just aft of the galley on the port side. 
 The best thing about this boat is the shower stall in the forward head! We had a walk through head on our other boat and you showered right there in the middle of it all, splashing water all over everything. We had a shower curtain, but it was still messy. This would be SO much better.

So now all we have to do is sell something and get on a plane to Maryland.....

The Swans

 Here is one of the boats that we were interested in. It's a Swan 44.
 The salon has beautiful white upholstery and the whole boat seemed well cared for.
 But we just weren't thrilled with the accomodations so we also checked out a Swan 46.

 The Swan 46 had nicer accomodations, but the decks were in terrible condition and most of the systems on the boat were older. Replacing the teak decks could cost $25,000.00, and non-skid would be nicer (and cheaper), but even that would cost $15,000.00.
 And it seemed awfully dark down below. Maybe it was the burgundy upholstery, but I think it was the low cabin sides which don't allow for large portlights.

 And the aft cabin had a ladder in the bunk!