Monday, October 5, 2015

What We Love About Cartagena

We decided to try a new place for lunch last Sunday so we wandered over to Centro. Just past the Church of San Pedro Claver, Malcolm stopped to buy a hat and started talking to a local woman who was also buying a hat. He mentioned that we were looking for a good restaurant and she enthusiastically started listing her favorites. She said there was an arabic restaurant nearby that was especially good so we asked her to write down the name of it for us. As she started to do that, Carlos, the hat seller, offered to walk us there! How amazing is that?
After three blocks he brought us to Az-zahr. It was tastefully decorated, comfortable, air conditioned, and had reasonable prices. We ordered the tabbouleh salad to share, langostinos, lamb shawarma, and baklava for dessert.
 All the food was delicious and the service was perfect. And guess who got our leftover baklava? Why, Carlos the hat seller, of course. I think he was a little surprised by that.
And this is what we love about Cartagena: the friendly locals, the vibrant street life, the wonderful restaurants, the gorgeous scenery, and now the baklava too.

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