Saturday, October 17, 2015

Getting Ready to Leave Cartagena

We have decided to start heading towards Aruba next Wednesday so we finished our generator maintenance today. When Malcolm changed the oil a couple of days ago he noticed a water leak so he took the seawater pump off and we pressed out the shaft and replaced the seal and impeller. The job went quickly and we had all the spares onboard so it was cheap too.
Pressing out the shaft
Water pump all apart
The old leaky seal on the bottom. New seal on top.
However, the provisioning we did today was not cheap. We spent 1,302,680 pesos on non-perishables (that's about $450 dollars), and we still have to get meats and veggies next week. I try to keep tasty little things like olives, artichoke hearts, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, sauces, capers, and pickles on hand to perk up the basic ingredients that you find everywhere. And of course we needed coffee, tea, rice, pasta, crackers, snacks, beans, condiments, and box milk. We have heard that things are expensive out in the islands so we filled up the lockers like we did when we left home one year ago, but now all the labels are in Spanish.

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