Sunday, October 18, 2015

Evening in Getsemani

We spent a wonderful evening last night with Rachel and Steve from Il Giro. From the marina we walked barely a mile to the Getsemani neighborhood which is right next to Centro, but poles apart.

While Centro is for tourists, Getsemani is for Cartagenans. While Centro is all tidy and upscale, Getsemani is full of graffiti, food carts, dogs, kids, and families just hanging out enjoying the night air.

Our goal was Plaza de la Santisima Trinidad and the music was so loud it practically pulled us there. We started with beers from the corner store. Next we sampled patacones and watched a wedding party enter the Church. Then we tried barbecued beef on a stick while we watched break dancing. Finally we shared a HUGE burger on the church steps and capped it all off with Nutella and strawberry crepes on the way back to the marina.

We had so much fun! How did we miss this area in all the weeks we've been here? I want to go back again!

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