Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Convento de la Popa

We took a $20.00 taxi ride up to el Convento de la Popa today. It is a very steep road and our taxi driver had to turn off the AC and even downshift to make it up there.
Established in 1607, the convent was originally small wooden buildings. The present building was built around 1800 and used for many years but eventually abandoned. In 1961 it was restored and is now a popular tourist attraction. It is beautiful, cool, and peaceful inside. The altar is a magnificent example of extravagant use of gold leaf.
This plaque reminded me of the marble sign in Florence, except the font was much more creative.
From the surrounding patios you can see all of Cartagena from the cruise ship dock to the airport, to Bocagrande. It was kind of hazy, but we could even see our boat down in the harbor. 

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