Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Plaza de la Trinidad

Our last evening in Cartagena was spent at Plaza de la Trinidad hanging with the locals, eating giant hamburgers, and watching the kids kick a soccer ball around.

In the last three days we have topped up our diesel, filled our reserve propane tank, bought groceries, and done laundry. Tomorrow we will pull up our anchor, scrub off six weeks worth of barnacles and weed, and head towards Aruba.

I don't know how long my Tigo SIM card will work so don't expect any posts for a while. But check Facebook where I will post updates with the InReach.

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Anonymous said...

Laura and Malcolm...have just caught up with your blog again. Such joyful reading! Enjoy your second year of cruising and we wish you many, many new and wonderful experiences.

We're heading back to Mexico to cruise another season there.

Desley and Phil