Friday, October 16, 2015

But What Do You DO All Day?

I'm sure some of you wonder how we keep ourselves busy all day. You probably think we lounge on the foredeck drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here's a little list of the things that keep us busy.
1) We spend a lot of our time searching foreign stores trying to figure out what's what. Not only are the labels in Spanish, but the stores are arranged differently and what we think should be in a certain aisle often isn't.

2) When we are in port we often go out to lunch with friends.

3) When we need diesel we run jerry jugs to the fuel dock.
4) Shopping for groceries occupies a LOT of our time. The stores vary from open air markets to big name superstores, but mainly we shop in whatever store the locals use which typically don't have the things we are used to. Consequently, we scour every shelf looking for familiar, or at least similar, items.
5) And of course there's the never ending laundry issue.
6) We spend quite a bit of time maintaining the boat. We like to keep her in good condition so we maintain and inspect things regularly to avoid nasty surprises.
7) We spend a couple of hours each day doing normal house stuff like cooking and cleaning.

8) And we watch a lot of sunsets. Now if we just had some of those little umbrellas...

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