Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Make It Rain In Florida

Just remove a bunch of deck hardware so you have about 56 large holes all the way through to your living space. That's guaranteed to make it rain for at least two days.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Moving Towards Cruising Again

The deck project is moving along and we are about 2/3rds done. Here's how the KiwiGrip looks. We had trouble getting it consistent, but maybe we're too picky. It is easy though; water based, one coat, good adhesion.

We had been at a dock since October 5th and the cost was getting a bit much to bear, so this morning at slack water we slipped the dock lines, backed out, and motored out to the Municipal Marina on the ICW and took a mooring. We're there at the blue dot now.

From now on things will be a little less convenient; we'll have to dinghy in and out, make our own water, and have the pump-out boat visit twice a week. But in other ways it will be good for us. For one thing, we've lost our sea legs and being on a mooring is already helping us get back in shape.

And we will start feeling like we're cruising again; toting things back and forth, being amongst the other cruising boats, and hopefully gathering information for our trip north.