Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tortugas, Pescadors, y El Perro de Sur

We saw literally hundreds of sea turtles on our way across the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Sometimes birds would be sitting on them and their shells would be dry.  Sometimes they wouldn't even notice us; sometimes they would slap their flippers and be gone in a second. I finally got the video uploaded!
We also saw many, many fishing pangas. Mostly during the night and frequently they don't have their lights on and they are asleep. It is really scary to suddenly have a panga appear in front of you and have to steer violently to avoid it.
But all in all we had a great trip across with no problems or damage. The only slight damage occurred when the police dog came aboard to inspect us. He had trouble getting down the stairs and scratched our cockpit teak. If those little scratches are the only evidence of our Tehuantepec crossing, I'm okay with that.
They have a "north" dog and a "south" dog. The north dog is looking for drugs, and the south dog is looking for cash. Since we had neither, we passed with flying colors. Thank you to Debbie on Delphinia for this photo of the dog visiting our boat.

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