Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fleet of Six Crossing the Tehuantepec

Since we arrived here in the harbor on Friday, three other boats have come in so it looks like we will have a fleet of six for our crossing this afternoon: Thistle, Delphinia, Velvet Sky, Mohini, Cockpit, and Seahorse V. We have a nice 2 1/2 day window for the 250 mile distance, so if we maintain 6 knots we will arrive in Chiapas on Thursday morning; well within our window.
These are the conditions we want for the crossing
Since we have arrived here we have washed the boat, checked the weather, topped up the diesel, checked the weather, reprovisioned, checked the weather, put a new capacitor on the refrigeration unit, checked the weather, folded up the dinghy and put it in the lazarette, checked the weather, had our laundry done, and checked the weather. Can you tell what's foremost on our minds? But you know what? The other five boats are doing exactly the same thing.

These are the conditions we DON'T want for the crossing

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