Friday, March 20, 2015

A Visit to San Luis la Herradura

About five miles up the estuary from us is the little town of San Luis la Herradura.  Late this morning (on the rising tide) we drove our dinghy up there for a little exploring, shopping, and lunch. On the way we saw these fishermen hauling in a net.

When we arrived at the town we were met by a nice young man named George who watched our dinghy for us. The cost is $1.00, but he really does watch your dinghy the whole time you are gone, and he helps you load your groceries too.

We walked up the main street to the "Dispensia Familiar" a local chain of supermarkets. We spent quite a bit of time familiarizing ourselves with how things are packaged and what's available because it's all so different here than in Mexico.

Across the street from the store, there was a sign painter working. He was using the "stencil" technique to paint this sign. I can't really criticize him for that because white doesn't cover well, but instead of a brush, he was using a rag to pat the paint onto the wall.
By the time we came out of the store, he had removed the stencil and was touching up where the paint seeped under. Malcolm and I had a good laugh remembering all the times we had set up scaffolding just like that to paint a wall sign. Except our scaffolding had adjustable wheels instead of chunks of concrete and scraps of wood. But the sign work looked darn good and we plan to go back in a few days to check out the finished product.

Back at the dinghy landing area we had a nice lunch overlooking the water and with the change of the tide we were on our way back to the marina.

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