Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cascada San Francisco

Sunday we went on another tour with the family from Velvet Sky. Our guide, Arturo, drove us through Tapachula and out into the countryside. We had this marvelous view of Volcán Tacaná which is 13,320 feet high and sits on the border between Mexico and Guatemala.
 It was a pleasant walk DOWN to the waterfall through the tropical terrain and along the river. We crossed a suspension bridge and saw lots of coffee trees and cocoa trees.
 We arrived at the cascada (waterfall) in about 40 minutes. The water was cold, but we all got in eventually. The flow of water actually created quite a current in the swimming pool. So much that we couldn't even get close to the falls. And this is the dry season; it must be an amazing sight in the wet season!

After a lunch and a rest we gathered up our things to head back to the van. The walk back UP the trail wasn't nearly as easy as the walk down. In fact, I would call it a strenuous hike. Malcolm's knee bothering him to the point that we were worried about him making it out, but Oscar fashioned him a walking stick to use. We took our time and stopped to rest often. When we got to road we celebrated with a cold beers at a nearby tienda.

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