Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Art of Net Fishing

We have seen several of these small boats around the marina since we arrived. They use weighted round nets to catch tiny silver fish. You can see the green basket full of fish in the bottom of the boat.
Today the El Salvador Rally arranged lessons for us in the art of net fishing. Our expert tutor, who has been fishing like this all his life, showed us how to arrange the net in our hands and how to fling it out just above the surface of the water. With every throw his net plopped into the water in a perfect circle.
 I went first and although I thought I did it just like Tito had, my net didn't unfurl and flopped into the water in a mess. However, I did catch two nice sticks.

Malcolm did a little better. He actually got the net to open nicely, but thrown too high, it didn't settle into the water in a circle. He did catch four sticks though! Several other cruisers tried it with varying results, but as Bill of the El Salvador Rally said, "The fish are safe from gringos with nets."

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