Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stockton Sailing Club Grenada Branch

Regarding my previous post:
Thank you Danny, Dave and Kathy, James, Bud and Bettie, and Richard for commenting. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that thousands of miles away, people are actually reading and enjoying our blog. It's amazing what a comment now and then can do for one's morale. (Hint, hint) We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming.
We've been in Grenada for almost two weeks now and are still searching for a nice restaurant. I found a place called Dodgy Dock recently that sounded interesting so Thursday we walked over to True Blue Bay. This small bay is home to the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Horizon Yacht Charters, and the Dodgy Dock Restaurant.
As we were ordering our drinks, Malcolm recognized a man from our sailing club back home in Stockton. He and his wife invited us to join them and we had a lovely evening with Angela and Bill Chapman. Their boat is on the hard at Spice Island Marine and they have returned to Grenada to get it launched, recommisioned, and sailing again.
Now, what are the chances of running into someone from your hometown 4000 miles away? Apparently about the same as getting hit by lightning. I guess we're just lucky that way.

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