Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean

The landscape of St. Vincent is stunning with its steep volcanic mountains and constantly changing clouds. We had a pleasant sail from Bequia with views like this. This scenery and remoteness made a perfect place to film "Pirates of the Caribbean - the Curse of the Black Pearl". We made a point to stop at the Port Royal location which is really Wallilabou Bay.
Coming in to the bay the first thing you see is the arch rock where CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow sees the pirates hanging when he is arriving at Port Royal in his sinking boat.
Then you see this building on the shore, except the second story is different now.
This building is the most recognizable from the movie, but inside you can see that it was only a façade built around scaffolding. The property owners have added a back and a roof  for protection, and inside they have mounted photos and memorabilia from the movie.
Inside the restaurant you can see (and climb on) the actual crows nest from CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow's sinking boat. There is also an assortment of pirate clothes and accessories. The management encourages folks to dress up and take photos around the site.
Although we didn't see this pirate...
there are still pirates in the Caribbean. Here's one.
And we definitely were approached by several other pirates, but they look like this now. In fact they were like a swarm of hungry mosquitos looking for blood. The minute we entered the bay, they started circling around trying to sell coconuts, moorings, jewelry, bananas, tours, and even asking for beers! The next morning I started to walk up the companionway stairs, and there was one of the pirates hanging onto the lifelines practically in our cockpit chatting up Malcolm. I wonder how they would like it if we went to their homes and walked right up to their windows and rested our elbows on the windowsill and stared at them. Their rude behavior certainly lessened our enjoyment of the place, but I'm glad we went there and got to see the set for Port Royal.


Anonymous said...

shiver me timbers!~ ya man got sum booty on board? Merry Christmas love you guys

Laura Fortune said...

Merry Christmas to you too James