Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

We have been anchored here in Marigot Bay on the northwest side of St. Lucia for three days now and are really enjoying this beautiful bay.
We walked up to the main road yesterday and got a great view of the small steep-sided bay and our boat far below. We caught a bus to the Super J market and picked up some fresh meats and veg.
The buses here are typical for the Caribbean; Toyota 14 passenger vans driven by frustrated race car drivers at breakneck speeds along steep winding roads with no seatbelts. I'm sure our families worry about the dangers of sailing, but I'm telling you - riding in these buses is much more dangerous than sailing!

The marina at Marigot Bay is first class and has many gorgeous yachts. I heard it costs $1.00 per foot per night, so if we wanted to dock there it would cost us $44.00 per night. The mooring balls cost about half that, but you can anchor for free and still take advantage of the amenities. There is a nice hotel, a mini market, an ATM, restaurants, shops, fuel dock, and water taxi landing. The water taxi will take you over to another restaurant and beach. All kinds if water sports are available and there is a constant parade of yachts in and out every day. This is really a very nice spot to stay for a few days.
We had lunch yesterday at Chateau Mygo. Our drink orders summed up our sailing mentalities; Malcolm ordered the Hurricane and I ordered the Sea Breeze. (The Sea Breeze is rum and cranberry juice, the Hurricane is rum, rum, and rum with lime juice.) And Malcolm finally got his "Cheeseburger in Paradise", something he's been dreaming about for months.

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Ho Ho Ho sleigh bells & reindeer on water skis.