Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas In The Caribbean

It's almost Christmas here in the Caribbean and some things are just like back home.

I found this Little Golden Book and just had to buy it. As a very small child I would read it to anyone who would listen. I wasn't really reading it, I had memorized it and was just reciting it and turning the pages at the proper time. The wonderful illustrations in this book still represent my idea of the perfect Christmas.

I also saw these mince pies at the market and would have loved to get some, but store bought is never as good as home made. I made some a few years back and they were positively addictive.
Here's a photo of my mince pies. 

Now, other Christmas things in the Caribbean are totally unique, like this Christmas tree in all kinds of bright tropical colors.

And our Christmas lights. They aren't exactly Christmas lights, more like party lights, but, Hey, I'm doing it Caribbean style this year.
Wherever you are, we want to say, "Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!"


Anonymous said...

where's your parrot?

Laura Fortune said...

We just enjoy the ones in the trees.