Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Laura Spice and Herb Garden

Flowers of a Palm Tree
Yesterday we took an island tour with the crews of two other boats here in Grenada. Our first stop was at the Laura Spice and Herb Garden where the guide showed us many of the herbs and spices that grow here on Grenada helping to give it the title of the"Spice Island". Our senses were overwhelmed with all the things we saw, smelled and tasted there.
Fruit and Flowers of the Noni Tree
Fruit and Seeds of the Lipstick Tree
Nutmeg Fruit
Nutmeg is huge here and wherever there are tourists there are local people selling nutmeg seeds, ground nutmeg, and spice necklaces. Below you see the dried husk, the mace covering, and the nutmeg seed.


Old Nutmeg Dryer
Spice Necklace with Cocoa Beans, Nutmeg Seeds, Whole Cloves, Turmeric, Ginger, Bay Leaves, and River Seeds
Detail of  Spice Necklace

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