Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kennedy Space Center

We visited Kennedy Space Center yesterday with our daughters. It's a fascinating place with so much history and great exhibits of actual rockets, capsules, and the space shuttle. We even rode the space shuttle simulator, which was great, but it was over way too soon!

One of the first things you see when you arrive is the rocket garden. Scattered around are a few capsules you can crawl inside. Probably intended for kids, but we're just big kids, right?

The bus that takes visitors out to the launch site drives past the Vehicle Assembly Building, a crawler-transporter that moves the rockets to the pad, and then past the pad itself.

Humans cannot be within 3 miles of the launch because the blast is so intense it stops your heart, but the girls pretended they witnessed a launch.

The Apollo/Saturn V building has a whole rocket on display. This is the impressive rocket that was launched thirteen times between 1968 and 1972, carrying all the moon missions and space stations components.

The hall is decorated with the many mission logos from those years. Being an old sign painter, I was particularly interested in these. This was way before computerized graphics, so obviously, they were all hand painted.
This is the actual capsule from the Apollo 14 mission.

After the launch pad tour we ate lunch at the Orbit Café which was surprisingly good. Then we goofed around taking funny pictures and finally called it a day around 4:00 pm.

We had a great day at Kennedy Space Center.

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