Saturday, September 24, 2016

Heart and Sole

While the Captain is working on the "Heart" of the ship, I am working on the "Sole".

The generator rebuild is perking right along and he is pleased to report that, as of this point, he has no leftover parts and we are ready to lower the carcass into the main cabin.

Meanwhile, the forward cabin sole refinishing is complete and we are quite pleased with it. It really wasn't that much work because it only measures 28" x 42" at its widest points. We live in small spaces, people, small spaces.
Here is an example of how our soles are constructed. They are 3/4" thick solid wood. The teak strips are 1 3/4" wide, and the maple (always called holly, but actually maple) strips are 1/4" wide. They are held together with beefy cleats on the back. After we varnished the tops, we scraped and cleaned the edges and applied tung oil on the edges and backs.

Today's task is to remove the four pieces that are under the table. Our table is a sturdy, heavy piece of furniture and after removing four bolts, we discovered that we could lift it up a bit, remove those aluminum cleats you see fore and aft of the mast, and slide the floors out. That is this afternoon's project.

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