Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crossing The Banks to Nassau

At 7:45am we pulled up our anchor from the sandy bottom at Highborne Cay and started our journey across the Banks. By 9:00am we were on our heading of 323° with 30 miles to go. There was no wind so we motored the whole way across.
The route across the Banks is like a freeway with everyone traversing it in the daylight hours (to avoid coral heads) and on the same exact path. Luckily we had good weather and excellent visibility for the crossing, so we could see the bottom the whole way across. It's really weird to see coral, fish, sea stars, and grass gliding along beneath the boat.
The busyness of Nassau harbor was a bit of a shock after being in the laid back Caribbean for all these months. There are four cruise ships in port, hundreds of yachts in a dozen different marinas, two huge bridges to go under, multi-story hotels, and a water adventure park. Its all about tourism here and there were even fireworks last night. After all these months in the laid-back Caribbean, it's a little daunting to be in "civilization" again. I'm sure Florida will really be a jolt!

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