Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Good Run Up The ICW

We had another good run up the ICW today. Since we don't have a waterway guide, I make my own bridge list before we leave every morning. First I get the bridge names off the chartplotter, then I Google them for opening times. (Offshoreblue.com is just one site that has this kind of information.) I then add their opening times, mile marker, and distance between each other.

I keep my list and my handheld radio (set to channel 09) in the cockpit as we motor along. We call the bridges about 3/4 of a mile out. Sometimes we have to wait a bit, but it's no problem because we have plenty of fancy houses to gawk at.

And today we passed by this trailer park right on the ICW and thought of Ed. Here's your retirement place in the sun, brother. You can keep your fishing boat right out back too.

Our favorite bridge today was the Ocean Avenue Bridge in Boynton Beach. It had lots of fishy artwork that was painted turquoise.

We are anchored for the night near the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. This 55-room Beaux Arts beauty is also called by its original name, Whitehall, and was built by Henry Flagler in 1902.

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