Monday, June 13, 2016

Atlantis Paradise Island

Our wonderfully kind buddy boat, Madhatter, got us wristbands for Atlantis Paradise Island Adventure Park, so today we spent the better part of our day there. It was dreadfully hot, but we had a great time anyway.

Atlantis Paradise Island is sort of like a combination of Disneyland and Marine World with a touch of Las Vegas. Everything is grand, imaginative, and perfectly groomed. There are hundreds of hotel rooms, dozens of pools, exciting water rides, fabulous aquariums, and a casino.

Based on the lost continent of Atlantis, there are water features and ocean elements everywhere. The artwork and attention to detail is amazing. We spent a great deal of time just walking through the hotels, casino, and grounds gawking at the beauty of it all.

This bridge supposedly contains the most expensive hotel suite in the entire world and was often used by Michael Jackson.

Our favorite attraction was the Dig, the aquarium that winds around beneath the water park right next to the hotel. The walkways are decorated with murals and vignettes of (supposed) relics from Atlantis.

Opposite the relics are windows into the aquarium which is filled with Caribbean Sea life, much of which we recognized from our snorkeling adventures here.



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