Monday, June 6, 2016

Anatomy of a 170 Mile Passage

Stow dinghy on deck, plot route, go to bed early.

5:00 AM
Wake up, make coffee, do pre-passage checklist.

5:15 AM
Anchor up, no wind, motorsailing at 6 kts.

7:00 AM
Breakfast, then little chores.
9:00 AM
Twenty-five miles from land in 8000' of water so we poke holes in cans and toss them overboard.
Finally a bit of wind so out goes the genoa. Engine off. Making 6.8 SOG  (speed over ground)

12:30 PM
Tuna melts for lunch.

2:30 PM
Reaching along at 7.3 SOG, someone didn't latch the dish cupboard and suddenly four plates launch themselves out and across the cabin. Only two break. This has never happened in all our months of cruising. Might be time to reduce sail.

5:00 PM
Seas calmer, cocktail hour.

6:00 PM
Dinner, dishes, get the boat ready for nighttime.
8:00 PM
Laura's watch, pass three ships.

11:00 PM
Malcolm's watch.

2:00 AM
Laura's watch.

5:00 AM
Malcolm's watch, make coffee.

6:00 AM
All hands on deck for approach to anchorage.

6:45 AM
Anchor down, naps all around.

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