Sunday, December 7, 2014

San Blas

We arrived in San Blas on the mainland yesterday afternoon. Our chart plotter shows our position.
Apparently our boat is capable of traveling overland! Actually, this just illustrates how lame the charts outside the US are.
San Blas has two rock jetties protecting the entrance to the harbor. There are red and green channel buoys too. Yet none of these are shown on the chart plotter. Luckily we are old river rats, so nosing our way over the bar and up the river to the marina wasn't too nerve wracking. Well, maybe it was a little nerve wracking when the depth sounder was showing only two feet under the keel!
We are at a dock for the first time in three weeks and we will stay here a few days so we can wash the boat, do a little laundry, and reprovision.

Added later:
Here is our actual position shown on my iPhone driving directions. Maybe I should use that program to navigate Mexico's harbors.

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