Thursday, December 11, 2014

La Tovara

When we were in San Blas we went on a boat tour to a park called La Tovara. The tour took us through the mangroves and to a natural spring where there is a little restaurant and a place to swim.

Along the way our panga driver/guide stopped and pointed out animals. We saw lots of birds and I got a few good photos; like this Great Egret,

a Great Blue Heron,

a Bare-Throated Tiger Heron,

a Boat-billed Heron,

and a White Ibis.

We also saw turtles and.....


After our tour we had lunch at Garza Canela a nice hotel that often arranges birding tours for tourists. (Garza Canela means cinnamon heron, which is what they call the boat-billed heron here in Mexico.)

The food was delicious and reminded us of some of our gourmand dinners back home.

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