Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Adventure

Yesterday we decided to go to Servin Yacht Service to pay for our new batteries. So we walked up to the main road here in La Cruz and hopped on one of the little buses labeled "Nuevo Vallarta".

Some buses are large like the ones back home, but these little buses are 10 passenger vans and go a little faster. After bouncing along for about 10 miles we got off and took a taxi the rest of the way to Paradise Village Resort, Spa, Marina, and Zoo. Yes, they have two tigers and several parrots to amuse the guests.
This place is amazing; it's like Disneyland or Las Vegas! Not only is it elaborately designed and constructed, but it's impeccably maintained.
And we were going here to buy batteries?! Yes, tucked into a little building on the waterfront, right next to the Harbormaster's office was Servin Yacht Service where we found Jorge. He is wonderfully kind and patient and speaks fluent English.

After finishing our transaction we crossed the harbor in the water taxi and had red snapper for lunch at Ochos Tostadas.

Ochos Tostadas is close to the Dolphin Adventure (where you can swim with the dolphins) and the Sea Lion show. We actually saw one of the sea lions walking down the sidewalk on its way to work.
After saying "Adios" to the exotic birds, we took a slightly cleaner version of a little bus home (I don't think they allow the dusty ones near Paradise Village), stopping at the Mega store to get cash from the Scotia Banc that's right next door, and picking up a few groceries as we walked back to the marina. It was a very expensive day, but a very interesting day too.

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