Saturday, December 20, 2014

An Evening in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

We had an interesting evening last night here in La Cruz. As we walked out of the marina gates and past the plaza we realized the Posada was forming up. There was a young girl dressed as Mary on a little burro led by Joseph. Behind them were assorted angels and children from the town, and around the edges were the proud parents. As we walked towards Philo's Bar (where all the gringos hang out) the parade swarmed around us. Obviously, they were headed there too!

When the parade arrived at Philo's, Mary and Joseph stopped to seek shelter. The children began the singing by asking for lodging for Mary. The adults answered (in song) that there was no room. Again the children asked for shelter and were denied, so finally the parade moved off to another home to try again. It was so cute to see the kids and all their families participating in the Posada.

Eventually we got settled in at Philo's, had dinner and drinks, and enjoyed the live music and dancing.
I am posting this video especially for our friends Larry and Trudy on their boat Sun Song II in St. Augustine, Florida. The music reminded us of them and all the good times we had together in Mexico all those years ago.

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