Monday, September 2, 2013

Spice Racks

Last weekend I figured out the size that the spice racks needed to be and, miracle of miracles, I found these little organizers at OSH.
They hold five jars perfectly and attach to the inside of the cabinet door with that "command" adhesive stuff so we didn't have to drill any holes.

We also decided where the paper towels should go and installed a holder for them.  It's just to the left of the sink and way up high so you won't hit your head on it.

We also made a spot for the coffee pot. It was just a little too big to fit in this fiddle rail behind the sink....
So the captain brought a little drum sander and widened the spot a bit.
And now it fits in here and is held securely.

It might sound like I'm going on too much about these little details, but really it's ALL about the details!

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