Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chamber of Horrors

Everyone knows our boat is 23 years old, so why do they raise their eyebrows when we tell them we are replacing all the hoses? I think it's really important to keep the seawater on the OUTSIDE of the hull, and new hoses are pretty cheap insurance to guarantee that.

I crawled into the Chamber of Horrors, also known as the aft lazarette, yesterday morning to replace the last four hoses in there. It only took two hours, three feet of hose, and sixteen hose clamps.

The old hoses looked pretty good on the top.....
but here is how they looked on the bottom!
Let me show you a close up.
Here's the worst one. And THIS is why we are replacing all the hoses. 

Kind of makes you want to get a mirror and check the bottom of your hoses too, doesn't it?

Here's how the aft lazarette looks now:

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