Sunday, September 15, 2013

No Water...

Here is our water pressure tank. Looks pretty good from the top, doesn't it? 

Unfortunately, this is how it looks on the bottom. I guess the new water pump we put in yesterday was a little too much for it, because this morning when we turned on the water pump we heard the unmistakable sound of water escaping under pressure. And then the bilge pump. So basically we were rinsing our bilges with our fresh water. Bummer.

After breakfast (and washing dishes with teakettle water) we started tearing it out which led to a few other projects while we were in that part of the bilge. We removed a bilge pump and repositioned it. We removed the air conditioner strainer, water pump and hoses, since we will be removing the air conditioning. And we are cleaning under those areas. There's actually mud under there. From the anchor locker, I guess. 

Now off to the marine store to see if they have a water accumulator tank.

The marine store didn't have one, but we can order one for $176.00....
or we can just pick up THE EXACT SAME THING today at Home Depot for $40.00. 

What do you think we did?

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