Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Searsport and the Penobscot Marine Museum

When we arrived in Searsport we realized just how far off the typical cruiser's track we were. There wasn't a single sailboat in the harbor. 
We walked up to the Penobscot Marine Museum and spent several hours among the collection of buildings that represent a village from the 1800s. Each building houses a different type of display, learning opportunity, or collection.
My favorite was the Captain Jeremiah Merithew House which was filled with ship models, scrimshaw, foreign treasures, and Butterworth paintings.
This little gem is a ceramic lucky money bag from the Orient. The mice signify good luck. Purely decorative, but so cute!

The museum also has several outbuildings containing typical Maine boats and canoes. Isn't this peapod a beauty?

Walking back to the marina, we marveled again at the beautiful buildings in these old Maine cities. Just another gorgeous fall day in Maine. 

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