Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's coming...

There's a certain feeling in the air now in Maine. It's that dry, breezy, leaves-crunching-underfoot kind of feeling that tells us that fall is coming.
Although the afternoons are still shorts and t-shirts weather, the mornings are chilly and we wish we had a heater. We are starting to see bits of orange here and there. Some of it, like these flowers and mushrooms is quite striking. The mushrooms were so bright, I thought they were crysanthemums at first!

We are beginning to see a few orange trees in the woods and fallen apples carpet the grass beneath their trees. Even the setting sun adds it's fiery glow to the boats in the harbor.

I picked up this leaf and carried it home yesterday. I tucked it into Thistle's logbook as a memory of our incredibly beautiful time sailing here in Maine. 

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