Sunday, September 3, 2017

Anchored in a Fjard

Early one morning we sailed south past the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and up into Somes Sound. Somes Sound is a fjard (not quite a fjord) that nearly cuts Mount Desert Island in half.
We worked our way up the sound to the very end and went ashore where Abraham Somes landed in 1761. His family and one other family started the community of Somesville, which was the premier settlement on the island for many years.
We explored the town that afternoon and found his gravestone in the local cemetery.
Somesville is a charming town and we also visited the local historical society's little museum and garden.

Before we went back to the boat we took a little ride around the anchorage just enjoying the scenery. That smoke is from a campfire; there are hundreds of camp sites on Mount Desert Island.
The setting sun continued to work its magic on the rocks and the boats as we slowly climbed aboard Thistle, anchored in a fjard.

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