Saturday, September 10, 2016

What's New?

We have carpeted the galley with this amazing all wool antique Persian rug (not). It fits perfectly between the cabinetry and certainly makes standing in the galley more pleasant. It's okay while we're on a mooring and not going anywhere, but I'll probably roll it up when we go sailing.

The generator parts FINALLY arrived from Westerbeke. We got absolutely the WORST customer service from them. Not only did they mislead us and tell us the parts were in stock when we first ordered, but they actually shipped the parts and then did a package recall because they'd had our credit card number so long and it didn't go through. Although we solved that within hours and the package arrived here in Stuart August 29th, they sent it back to Massachusetts claiming they would ship it "next day". Ha, ha, ha, ha ha.

It finally arrived on September 6th. Ordered July 26th. Only 6 weeks. And $2500.00. Wow.

In other news we found the perfect paper towel holder at Bed Bath & Beyond. Not only is it stainless steel, but it has a ratchet inside that prevents it from unrolling by itself. The plastic ones we used before would break after a few months, and they only fit the American length rolls. In some places rolls are shorter, but this holder will handle them perfectly. And it only cost $15.00.

We are very happy with the solar panels and wish we'd installed them before we left, but better late than never.
Today is a beautiful sunny (read scorching) day in Florida and they were putting out 9.0 and 9.7 amps at 11:30. In the afternoons we sometimes see readings in the 11s.
Consequently, our batteries have never been happier and we can run our inverter all the time to power our fans.
So here we are, back to the grind, fixing things in exotic places, and planning our next cruise as we float around here in Stuart.

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