Monday, September 26, 2016

Main Cabin Floors

We managed to lift the table up a few inches with blocks of wood and get those aluminum cleats out. It was a bugger because they were through bolted to those 3" thick floor beams and each one had two bolts. We used lots of those special sailor words though, and finally got them out.

After sliding out the aluminum cleats and the four small pieces, we set the table back down on the floor beams. It will be safe there while we refinish the floor pieces. It can't go anywhere because it fits so tightly around the mast.

Floor pieces are strewn around the cockpit while I apply the varnish.

Dani asked what we are using for the finish. It's just Pettit varnish. At some point in our boat's previous life someone used a water based finish down below and we quickly found that it gets milky spots from hot coffee cups and iced drink glasses, so we are gradually changing everything back to varnish.

We also put this tung oil on the backs and edges. Don't try to buy real tung oil at West Marine or Home Depot. They have something with the word "tung" on the label, but it's not the real deal. It has to say "100% Pure Tung Oil". We ordered this online from a woodworkers supply place.

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