Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday at D'Res

As usual we went out for a leisurely lunch yesterday. We went to D'Res where we are quite comfortable even though we are always the only gringoes. It has a menu that celebrates beef, seating for about forty, and an open kitchen. The chef/owner is very creative and gracious and always comes out to greet his guests. The food is top notch, yet the prices are inexpensive.

On Sundays they have a man with a guitar playing quiet romantic music. But today we had a special treat; a boy of about twelve got up and took the mic. He seemed a bit nervous at first, but eventually sang two songs. He was pretty good and he got a huge round of applause. His family at the table next to us looked so proud and everyone congratulated him on his performance.

About then a storm started with high winds, thunder, lighting, and heavy rain... and then the power went out.

We paid our bill and walked the three blocks to the marina. Even with our umbrella we got soaked because the rain was blowing sideways and the streets were flooded and we had to put the umbrella away for the dinghy ride out to the boat. Back on the boat we got dried off, endured the pitching and rolling, and cringed at the thunder. I am getting really tired of thunderstorms.

Our Salad
Lomo Mexicano 
Young Musician
The Rain

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