Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lunch at Bohemia Restaurant

The food is so good here in Cartagena that we would like to eat out every day, but since we have to buy parts for the autopilot and a new inverter, we can't afford that. We have decided that a nice lunch once a week will have to suffice.

Last Sunday we went to Old Town and found the Bohemia restaurant in El Marques Hotel.

Our appetizer was black truffle oil glazed artichokes spears in a bed of aged Parmiggiano and toasted almonds.

My entree was hake wrapped in Serrano ham with citrus infused toast, fennel, and an olive and tomato compote.

Malcolm's entree was Sierra with spinach stems, mushrooms, and an artichoke sauce. 

For dessert I had a white and dark chocolate concoction with hazelnuts and ice cream and passionfruit foam.

Malcolm had coffee five ways: ice cream, cookies, foam, "sand", and cream.

It was all delicious and we were there for over two hours. And when we left...
I felt like this!

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