Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Isla Tintipan

                                                     Sunset at Isla Tintipan

Our run from Isla a Fuerte to the Islas de San Bernardo was an easy 35 miles so we arrived around 2:00pm. After slowly navigating our way up the narrow channel and passing hotels on stilts, we anchored in a tiny cove up against the mangroves on the island of Tintipan. We were surprised to see that the Weasley family has moved to Colombia and built another "Burrow" here.
You can see the coral reefs that surround Isla Tintipan. You can also see the hotels that have been constructed on the shallow reefs using stilts. All those coral reefs offer fabulous diving and there are more substantial hotels on the island of Tintipan that cater to that crowd.

                                             The Weasleys Colombian Home

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