Monday, July 17, 2017

Puffins and Fog
Puffins have got to be some of the cutest birds on the planet, and when I found out that there is an island in Maine where they have been re-introduced, well, we just had to go there.
We tried to leave the anchorage at Linekin Bay early, but it was foggy, so we left around 11:00am. (By the way, we saw our first "fogbow" there.)
When we finally got underway, this lovely old schooner sailed by us. Maine has lots of old boat giving tours in nearly every harbor. See the tourists lining the rail? What a great way to see Maine.

When we got to Eastern Egg Rock we DID see puffins! There were many of them in the water and flying around the island. They are easy to recognize because they have stubby wings and they have to run along the surface of the water on their duck-like feet to get airborne.
We spent about 20 minutes going back and forth watching them. Here's our track near the island. It's really hard to get a good photo with my cell phone, and they are a bit shy, but I'm so happy we actually got to see them in real life.
After we left Eastern Egg Rock, we headed into fog again and motored through it (dodging lobster pot buoys the whole way) for three more hours. We finally anchored in Turkey Cove on the St. George River where we spent a very quiet night.

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