Monday, July 17, 2017

IFR to Rockland

Maine is a beautiful place to cruise, but they have this little problem called "fog".

We were told it's usually gone by July, but that hasn't turned out to be true this year, because here it is July 17th and it was IFR conditions today, all day.

We left Turkey Cove at 9:15 in marginal conditions, but soon had to turn on the radar. With that, the chartplotter, and our eyes, we picked our way from waypoint to waypoint, dodging those blasted lobster pot buoys. We rarely had 1/4 mile visibility; sometimes it was only 400'. Luckily, sailboats move very slowly, there wasn't much traffic, and we are comfortable with our instruments. A few times we heard lobster boats, but actually only saw two other boats.

We found Rockland Harbor in VFR conditions about 3:00pm, anchored, and went ashore for a while. By the time we got back to the boat at 5:00pm, the fog was already rolling in. I sure hope this doesn't last, because navigating in the fog is no fun.

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