Friday, July 7, 2017

Latitude 43 and 10,000 Nautical Miles

Wednesday we left Marblehead, picked our way through the lobster buoys, rounded Cape Anne, and headed north towards Portsmouth. Looking at the guidebook, I found that Isles of Shoals was right on the way and would make a more convenient overnight stop.
The guidebook said to pick up any mooring marked "PYC" for free. Only if a member of PYC came in, you'd have to leave. We found a mooring and spent a quiet night there beside "Passage" and "Margaritaville".

We were officially in Maine. Just barely.

The next morning all three of us left around 6:00 am heading to Portland. Here's "Passage" heading out. We actually sailed within sight of them all day.

About 10 miles north of Isles of Shoals, our chartplotter showed us some special figures; Latitude 43 degrees north, and 10,000 nautical miles for this trip; that's since we left Stockton almost three years ago.

Eventually we sailed around Cape Elizabeth and Portland Head and took a mooring in Portland, Maine.

The Portland Head lighthouse feels very familiar to us. We had a large picture of it on the wall at our business and looked at it every day, hoping that someday we'd see it in real life. Now, thousands of sailing miles and many years later, we finally have.

Sometimes dreams do come true.

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