Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Wrap Party

After seven weeks of work, the house is on the market. One new bathroom, all new carpet, all fresh paint inside, new gutters and roof ridges, 18' of foundation replaced, 80' of new fence, everything scrubbed, pruned and ready for a new family.
Dad came by Saturday and seemed happy with the house. He lived there almost 53 years so it had to be sad to leave, but it's time for a new young family to build memories there.
Most of the family was there. Here's the Captain, me, and the Captain's Mom.
Here's the Captain's brother and sister in law. 
Here's my sister in law, my brother and sister.
Here's the Captain's sister in law, brother, and nephew.
And finally our youngest daughter and her boyfriend.

We missed getting photos of our oldest daughter and my sister's boyfriend because they had to run back to the condo to retreive the dog that chewed a hole in our gate, escaped, and took refuge with a neighbor.

We all had a nice time. I just wish everyone could have been there.

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